Dogs really are the most loyal companions.

  • Here’s a story to tear at the heartstrings with a happy ending, all thanks to the family dogs.
  • A 2-year-old girl who walked barefoot more than three miles with her family’s two dogs was found sleeping off a wooded Michigan trail using the smaller dog as a pillow.
  • Troopers were called to a house in rural Faithorn, Michigan, around 8 p.m. on Wednesday after the toddler, Thea Chase, wandered away.
  • Thea’s mother, Brooke Chase, said she had an instinct to check on her daughter, who had been playing in the yard, and learned the toddler’s uncle told Thea to go inside because she had no shoes on. When they realized she wasn’t in the house, she began to yell. They searched for about 20 minutes and then called the police.
  • Troopers used both drones and police dogs to search for the toddler, while local police and civilians of the close-knit community formed their own search party to help locate the child, who was assumed to be somewhere in the heavily wooded area near the home.
  • Around midnight, four hours after police were notified, a family friend searching for Thea on an ATV came across the family’s Rottweiler, Buddy, who started barking as he approached. The 2-year-old was discovered a short way off the trail, sleeping on the ground with her head atop Hartley, the family’s English Springer.
  • “She laid down and used one of the dogs as a pillow, and the other dog laid right next to her and kept her safe,” Lt. Mark Giannunzio said.
  • The outdoor temperature was about 60 degrees when the toddler was found. Thea was determined to be fine after a medical evaluation.