Nanny Reads Coffee Maker Instructions as Bedtime Story, Goes Viral

  • Coffee cravings apparently start young! A 3-year-old girl in North Carolina is going viral for her unique bedtime story choice.
  • The nanny, Megan Mordaunt, shared a hilarious video on TikTok reading to the little girl she watches. Instead of a children’s book, the toddler asked her to read the instructional manual for the family’s iced coffee machine.
  • “At first, I could not stop laughing when she asked me but managed to calm down when she kept saying ‘Meg Meg, read the story,’ ” Megan tells People.
  • “Every day when we’re getting ready for nap time, I let her grab two books from her bookshelf in her room for me to read to her. However, on this specific day, she clearly somehow remembered the iced coffee instructions manual she must have spotted lying on the kitchen counter while standing on her kitchen step ladder.”
  • “She then beelined for the kitchen, grabbed it and handed it to me saying ‘Meg, Meg read this one,’ ” the nanny recalls.


Click on to hear the nanny reading the instructions.