This limited-edition soda flavor was created by AI


  • Coca-Cola just launched Coca-Cola Y3000, a beverage the company said is the first flavor co-created with human and artificial intelligence.
  • Coca-Cola Y3000 is the latest limited-edition flavor to launch under its Coca-Cola Creations platform and the third one to debut this year.
  • Coca-Cola started the Creations platform in 2022 to highlight the company’s signature beverage while drawing in younger consumers. So far, it has launched seven flavors.
  • Similar to other beverages released under the Creations platform, the latest AI co-created beverage doesn’t promote or reveal a flavor profile, such as cola, cherry, or vanilla, but rather a mood or experience.
  • Coca‑Cola said Y3000 had been created using insights taken out of data gathered from consumers who had interacted with the company’s media applications. The visual branding for Y3000 has also been partly created using AI-powered processes that generate imagery.