Findlay Mayoral Candidate Forum Held

A Mayoral Forum featuring Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn and primary challenger Haydee Sadler was held on WFIN Wednesday night.

The hour-long candidate forum was held at the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts and moderated by WFIN’s Chris Oaks.

The two Republicans spoke on a variety of issues ranging from how to best utilize state and federal grant funds, to concerns about the strategic planning process, how to address the opioid crisis, historic preservation and much more.

You can listen to the forum in its entirety below and watch it at the bottom of this story.



In her closing statement that you can hear in the audio above, Sadler said she’s not liking what she’s seeing and that she’s the change that Findlay needs, “I see Findlay as adopting radical ideas, being fiscally irresponsible, using companies to build our infrastructure that are globally minded and use socialist verbiage.”

Mayor Christina Muryn in her closing statement said she understands this community, its people and is ready to move the community forward and address whatever challenges arise.

“This evening you’ve had the opportunity to hear from two differing candidates for mayor. Nearly anyone can hold the title of mayor, but only the right person can truly lead a community, and I am that person.”

April 3rd is the voter registration deadline.

The Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, May 2nd.

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