Hancock Historical Museum Seeking Barns To Showcase On Barn Tour

The Hancock Historical Museum is looking for a few more barns to showcase on their Historic Barn Tour in September.

Every other year, the museum highlights a collection of timber framed barns in Hancock County on a self-guided tour as a way to pay homage to the special cultural resources that have stood the test of time and represent local agricultural heritage.

The museum is asking Hancock County residents who have a beautiful and historic barn to consider participating in the event.

The museum provided the following information about what they’re looking for.

1) Timber-framed barns in Hancock County. You don’t need to know how old it is – we’ll figure that out! The timbers can be hand-hewn or sawn, but the frame needs to use traditional joinery (i.e. mortise and tenon). The barns can still be in full operation with hay, livestock, etc., or being used for storage or any other use.

2) Barn/property owners willing to provide their hospitality and welcome guests to view their barn the day of the tour, Sept. 10th.

3) Barn/property owners interested in promoting our agricultural heritage by serving as a showcase property on this great tour!

The barn DOES NOT need to be…

1) Empty. We know that farmers use their barns. We know they store things, often including animals! Your barn does not need to be spotless to be on the tour and it can be in full operation. We need to provide a safe way to view the barn frame for guests, but we can restrict access to any part of the barn for the tour. We’ve had barns in all states of use and all conditions on past tours.

2) Perfect. Some of these barns may be over 170 years old. We know they will show their age. Many have been retrofitted over the years to accommodate different uses and machinery. Many have had repairs made to keep them standing for the next generation. As long as the bones are there, the changes are acceptable and help to tell the story of the farm. We have had barns on the tour that have sadly since been demolished or burned. We know they aren’t all going to be standing forever, and that’s all the more reason to showcase them NOW!

People who have an old barn they think may be a good candidate for the tour and would like to participate should contact the Hancock Historical Museum by clicking here or calling 419-423-4433.